Was the Orlando Nightclub Shooting a False Flag to divert attention?

Published on 12 Jun 2016

-UPDATE “I just got off the phone with Richard who is a friend of one of the victims. He gave us his testimony and opinions of the event. My condolences to anyone that lost a loved one or knew someone in this tragic event. {Thank you Richard for coming on the show} *Podcast will be updated today, stay tuned.

Was the Orlando Nightclub Shooting a False Flag to divert attention? Has anyone seen the Movie “Wag the Dog”? Could this “Mass Shooting”, at the Pulse Nightclub be a “Wag the Dog” scenario to distract from something else? Dr Joseph F. Marra joins us at Leak Project to discuss this and a multitude of other topics. How to raise your consciousness. How powerful is your mind and the thoughts that flow thru it? With so many people seeing Planet X now in the skies, is it because of a higher state of consciousness, similar to the 100th monkey syndrome? Has it always been there and are we just seeing it now, or could it be a Project Blue Beam Scenario?



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