‘The Mask Is Off And People Know’

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at 11:41 am July 22, 2014


An injured Palestinian boy in a Gaza hospital yesterday.


Irishwoman Elaine Bradley is working as a human rights activist in Palestine where she sent us this report this morning.

Elaine writes:

Waking up I turn on my laptop to see what has happened in the while I slept. I am almost instantly hit by an image. I can’t make out if it is one body ripped in two, or two bodies, both missing a number of parts.

By the clothes on one, I am guessing it it is a young man – jeans and a belt that my son might wear. The human remains are against a wall in a pool of blood, draped over with blood soaked sheets. The photo is taken in a hospital, and is accompanied by the bizarre scene of the twisted metal of hospital beds in the total wreckage of what was a ward.

My friend who posted this image declares that he has a policy of not posting gruesome photos, a policy that he has now abandoned. Why? Because “This is the hospital that Israel shelled today… But the BBC felt it was better use of our license fee money to have [reporter]  John Simpson show us a broken chandelier in Sderot instead.”

Five  people were killed and 70 injured in this place of healing, where men and women work, dedicating their lives to comfort and to mend other sick and broken human beings. I think of my daughter who is a nurse. Hospitals have special status, special protection under international law, as they should. Bombing a hospital is a war crime.

And yet this is the second hospital that Israel has bombed that I am aware of in the two weeks of this onslaught, where one of the world’s most sophisticated military machines has pitted itself against a locked in, half starved civilian population.

Where are the international community? Where are the guardians of the laws demanding that this stop? Yesterday I saw Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights with the UN on television. It was in Arabic so I didn’t know what she said. I went to the internet and found her statement.

The bit that jumped out and slapped me in the face was where she expressed her “concern”. Concern? I am concerned about things like the size of my phone bill and whether my cat has settled in to her new home. Concern for Gaza, where now over 570 people have been killed, 80% civilians, last count 132 of them children. Over 3,500 people injured and maimed – a 5 year old with her legs amputated, Concerned? What about outraged? Appalled? Horrified?

The UN are concerned and the mask is off. This latest holocaust against Gaza has exposed a world where our media lie, and spin the truth. Where craven politicians will not stand against power – John Kerry saying Israeli is besieged by Hamas- do I laugh or cry? My own government repeating the zombie mantra about Israel’s right to defend itself as they watch women and children buried in the rubble of their own homes.

And all the while Israel continues its colonisation of Palestine, settling jews from Eastern Europe and the Bronx on land that is not theirs, criminalising – labelling as terrorists the rightful owners, to make their misdeeds acceptable to a willing-to-be-appeased-just-give-us-the-right-soundbite global audience.

Say “Hamas” often enough and no one will notice. Exposed is a world where the institutions of human rights and justice offer platitudes but no action and hold yet another emergency meeting, having never implemented the recommendations of the last report, or the one before, as to do so would “jeopardise the peace process” according to the US and Israel. The Fucking Peace Process?

And while the UN frowns a collective bureaucratic, high salaried, important people in suits doing important things frown of concern, a friend of mine is pulling out the stops, navigating Israel’s impenetrable system of closure to get baby formula into Gaza. From the complications, it is as if he were smuggling crack cocaine inside AK47s.

I haven’t had my coffee yet, haven’t woken up. But I swear, that I will turn my rage into action for justice. Israel cannot once again evade accountability for these crimes. And to all the institutions that have collaborated in this gross injustice, by repeating the lies or by looking the other way, you will crumble and fall. The mask is off and people know.

We have seen that in your system human rights are not for everyone, that one life is precious and another is less than insignificant. We have seen that not all children are treasures to be cherished and childhood is not a sacred space for all children. We have seen that in your world it is ok for homes and places of worship and hospitals to become the killing zones, the tombs of innocent people. We have seen how liars and psychopaths with power are bowed down to. But justice will prevail because now we, the people know.

Elaine Bradley.




Another case of violent murder without blood

Bron: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/26/another-case-of-violent-murder-without-blood/

A reader sent me this article from the Daily Mail in the UK about the Syrian refugee who reportedly went on a machete rampage in Germany, killiing one person and injuring two. There are many photos in the story, but only one tells us anything. Scroll down until you see the machete lying where it was dropped. This is allegedly a machete that has just killed one person and hacked two others. Where is the blood? How can a weapon used to cut up three people be so squeaky clean?


DEMAND: UK: STOP Hampstead Trial of Neelu & Sabine STOP cover-up of state crimes against babies & children

DEMAND: UK: STOP Hampstead Trial of Neelu & Sabine STOP cover-up of state crimes against babies & children

DEMAND: UK: STOP Hampstead Trial of Neelu & Sabine STOP cover-up of state crimes against babies & children

  • VAN: lee cant
  • DOELWIT: Every human on the planet, every leader, every government, every country
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Video 30 April 2016:

Neelu & Sabine to appear in Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock Street, London UK on 11 July 2016 charged with “conspiracy to intimidate witnesses” who are satanic cult members and public servants,

Update on International crimes by the UK plc, “state” against babies from all over world, covered-up by Hampstead Police & CPS, uninvestigated since September 2014 and ongoing: To stop crimes by impostor public servants against babies, children, parents, families, communities; to remove all satanists from public service by demanding a new oath to God to maintain God’s laws to serve and protect God’s children; to implement gold standard currency to stop the crimes of counterfeit currency of usury, inflation, debt & slave trading of humans; to cease trading of all fraudulent & treasonous, profit led local authorities run by satanists, to create the new structure which recognises the divinity of babies and children as our future community leaders and spiritual masters, not slaves…

Satanic Church Exposed 22 March 2015
Neelu outside the church whilst the church service is going on inside on 22 Match 2015. Witness statement of Ella Draper at 33 min
Neelu was falsely accused by CPS & Hampstead Police of being inside the church vexing priest Paul Conrad during church service, whilst she was on Police body worn cameras and CCTV as OUTSIDE the church

Neelu is alleged to have caused the service to be disrupted, yet we have a recording of the entire church service which proves that babies were being tortured several times inside the church

Babies crying at 1hr 2min, 1hr 6min, 1hr 7 min

Paul Goss & his wife Valerie continue to falsely accuse Neelu & Sabine of conspiracy to intimidate those inside the church who were not witnesses because Neelu was outside.

Paul Goss assaulted Neelu, witnessed by Police, yet no action was taken

Neelu interviews PC Fraser who is wearing a body camera whilst the church service is going on inside- proof that CPS & police were well aware that neelu was innocent of the false charge of vexing a priest inside the church – but still went to trial on 07 October 2015 when  the six who perjured that they saw Neelu inside the church, failed to turn up.

May 2015 Neelu & Belinda outside Holborn Police Station to hand in the 29 page Hampstead Crime Report & High Court application for honour in public service

https://whistleblowerkids.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/15-05-19-crime-report1.pdf 29 page crime report in the Hampstead case

www.mfn99.webs.com/oath Hampstead CPS & Police ignore IPCC recommendations of a thorough investigation into satanic rituals in UK schools & churches



Free Book by Sabine McNeill “Forced Adoptions – The European Dimension – Imposed By UK Judges – Against Parents’ Wills – In Secret Family Courts”  http://sabinemcneill.pressbooks.com/front-matter/the-european-dimension/ click column on right

www.swissindo.net Gold prosperity waiting for us to take action to be able to claim it with our divinity

Neelu’s baby neice drug overdosed in state hospital and all organs stolen without consent http://sunaina2007.tripod.com




Video 30 April 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjxORkxHtxY Neelu & Sabine to appear in Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock Street, London, UK in July 2016 charged with “conspiracy to intimidate” satanic cult members who are public servants, teachers, Police, social workers, priests…


Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder

Source: http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/11/police-murder-because-they-are-trained-to-murder-paul-craig-roberts/
July 11, 2016 |


Paul Craig Roberts

In response to my request for information on US police training
(http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/08/why-dallas-happened-paul-craig-roberts/), readers have sent in a variety of information that seems to fit together. I am going to assemble it as best I can as a working hypothesis or provisional account. Perhaps a former or current police officer concerned about the change in the behavior of US police, or an expert on police training and practices, will come forward and verify or correct this provisional account.

First, we know that the police have been, or are being, militarized. They are armed with weapons of war that hitherto have been used only on battlefields. We don’t know why police are armed in this way, as such weapons are not necessary for policing the American public and are not used in police work anywhere except in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

There is an undeclared agenda behind these weapons, and neither Congress nor the presstitute media have any apparent interest in discovering the hidden agenda.

Nevertheless, the militarization of the police fits in with what we know about police training.

There are sourced reports that US police are receiving training from Israel, both from traveling to Israel and in the US from Israeli training firms or from US firms using Israeli methods. See, for example, https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/homeland.html and http://www.alternet.org/civil-liberties/us-police-get-antiterror-training-israel-privately-funded-trips

The training of American police by Israeli occupation forces is not an Internet rumor or “conspiracy theory.” It is a fact acknowledged by the Israeli press: http://www.timesofisrael.com/israel-trains-us-law-enforcement-in-counter-terrorism/

Israeli police practices arose from decades of occupying a hostile Palestinian population while stealing the Palestinians’ land and isolating the population in ghetto enclaves. Essentially, Israeli police practices consist of intimidation and violence. https://electronicintifada.net/content/israels-export-occupation-police-tactics/8485

We know from innumerable news reports over many years the behavior of the occupying Israeli Army toward the Palestinian population. In four short words: it is extremely brutal.

For a soldier, especially a female soldier, to execute a child and his mother in the streets of Palestine or in the family’s home requires that soldier to have been desensitized to human life that is not Israeli. This requires Palestinians to have been dehumanized, as the native inhabitants of what is today the United States and Australia were dehumanized by the European immigrants who stole their land.

On the basis of this information, we can infer that the Israeli training of US police teaches the police to see only police lives as valuable and the lives of the public as potential threats to police lives. This is why American police often murder a wrongly suspected person and almost always an unarmed one. The examples are numerous. You can spend much of your life just watching on youtube the existing videos of wanton murders of US citizens by police.

The American police are being taught at public expense that only their lives are valuable, not our lives. Therefore, in any encounter with a citizen, the automatic assumption is that the citizen intends harm to the police and must be immediately forcefully subdued and handcuffed or, alternatively, shot dead. The police are trained that the safest thing for the police to do is to terminate the suspect even if it is a soccer mom who forgot to signal a turn while driving her kids to a practice.

In other words, the American police have no more obligation to respect the lives and rights of US citizens than the Israeli occupying forces have to respect the lives and rights of Palestinians.

This does appear to be an accurate description of the situation. Even the New York Times has blown the whistle on William J. Lewinski, who trains US police to shoot first and he will answer the questions for them in court, on the rare occasion that the wanton murder they committed lands them there. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/02/us/training-officers-to-shoot-first-and-he-will-answer-questions-later.html?_r=1

What about racism? Racism is the answer put forward by liberals, progressives, the putative leftwing, and by blacks themselves.

There are problems with the racist explanation. One obvious problem is that the American police wantonly murder and brutalize white people also. Just the other day the police murdered a 19 year old white American while he lay on the ground. And the TSA abuses far more whites than it does blacks. See my website for recent examples of both.

A former black police officer provides revealing insight into the real situation. He says that about 15% of a police department consists of people who are there for the right reasons and represent a culture of public service. Another 15% are psychopaths who routinely abuse their power. The remaining 70% of the department goes with whichever of the two cultures prevails. Unfortunately, “the bad officers corrupt the department” and the Chicago police under former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge proves the case. http://www.vox.com/2015/5/28/8661977/race-police-officer

The former black police officer assigns blame to “institutional racism.” However, based on what we have learned about Israeli police training, the police bias against black Americans might not be racist or totally racist. Blacks in America have a history of dehumanization. In the eyes of police trainers, American blacks fit the mold of Palestinians. It is easier to begin the training process by making American police indifferent to the lives of an already dehumanized element of the US population. Once the police are indoctrinated to see themselves not as servants of the people but as “exceptional, indispensable people” whose lives must never be at risk, it is a simple matter to generalize the feeling of police superiority over the white population as well.

I have always been suspicious of the racist explanation. This is an explanation fed to the public in order to break the public into waring factions that cannot unite against their real oppressors. Indoctrinated as we are to hate and fear one another, those who rule and abuse us can do as they will.

It is as clear as a clear day that only a tiny percentage of white Americans belong to the One Percent. The rest of us are of no more consequence to those who rule than are blacks. Yet, we are divided, fearful of and opposed to one another. What a success for the One Percent !

Let me be clear. Just as we oppose the mentality of violence that is being inculcated into the police who live on our earnings, numerous Jews and Israelis themselves oppose the settler mentality that the Israeli government has come to represent. Jews are among the most ardent defenders of human rights of our time. Think of Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky Ilan Pappe, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Think of the brave Israeli organizations that oppose the theft of Palestinian lands and villages. We cannot damn an entire people for the sins of their political masters. If so, then after Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama, all Americans are damned.

The two greatest threats to the world are American and Israeli exceptionalism. It is the success of the indoctrination of this Nazi doctrine of exceptionalism that is the source of the violence in the world today.

The problem of American police violence is that the police are now defined as exceptional and unaccountable. They can kill the rest of us without accountability, just as Washington slaughters untold numbers of peoples in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan. Unexceptional peoples are dispensable.

It is paradoxical that training US police in the violent methods of the Israeli occupying forces is justified with the argument that it is necessary to save American lives from terrorists when the actual result is far more Americans killed by police than by terrorists.

Clearly the police training is counterproductive.

It would seem that the families of those murdered and abused by police have good grounds for suing mayors, city councils, county commissioners, governors and state legislators for negligence in police oversight. The evidence is in. The police are taking lives, not saving them. The training is a total failure. Yet it persists. This is a high order of negligence and failure by public authorities.

Rape Victim: Transgender Agenda Creates “Rape Culture”


Bron: http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/faith-and-morals/item/23541-rape-victim-transgender-agenda-creates-rape-culture

Friday, 01 July 2016
Written by  C. Mitchell Shaw

Rape Victim: Transgender Agenda Creates “Rape Culture”

Kaeley Triller Haver is a 33 year old mother of two young children. She is also a survivor of sexual trauma. Her abuse — at the hands of a man close to her family — began when she was still in diapers and lasted the first 10 years of her life, so she is aware of the need to protect women and girls from the types of men who would prey on them.

Last year, she found herself on the politically incorrect side of the issue of transgender access to bathrooms and locker rooms in Washington State. And what she found is that her feelings, her fears, her experiences — like those of so many women and girls — do not matter where this issue is concerned. Everyone is equal; some are just more equal than others. Before it was over, she was fired from her job for not going along with the agenda of the transgender lobby.

Kaeley began working at the YMCA as a locker room monitor when she was 15. Over the past 17 years, she had continued working for the organization while going to high school and then college and beyond. In her last position there — communications director — her job was to oversee all communications for nine branch locations covering 120,000 members. Then the YMCA decided to open up its locker rooms and showers on the basis of gender identity. Men would be allowed to use the women’s facilities and no one could stop them or even question them about it.

She told The New American that she could not go along with that policy and tried — unsuccessfully — to convince the organization of the dangers:

Before this even became a matter of law in Washington, I was working at the YMCA here as a communications director and my boss came to me one day and said, “We’re doing this new policy and it might be controversial and I need you to take this stuff home and go over it and start helping me with the talking points.” What she was talking about was transgender locker room access. And so, I pushed back and I got fired.

We asked Kaeley how she “pushed back” and she explained:

I said this is not something I can do in good conscience, and here’s why. And for the first time in my life — because it’s not something you talk about at work — I expressed my experience as a survivor of sexual trauma. My abuser liked to watch me in the shower and laugh, and so I was keenly aware of what happens in our locker rooms, and wanting to protect our members. And because of my past experiences, I was hyper-vigilant at the Y. I would regularly conduct sex offender screening — on my own time — to make sure that someone wasn’t getting through that shouldn’t. And every time I would run one of these screenings, I would catch somebody — in November I found three sex offenders who were actively using our YMCA facilities. One of them had a free shower pass, actually. I have sat with parents after their children have been harmed, so I know [how] predators work, so this policy was just not something I could get behind. And I told them all of this stuff and said, “This is why we can’t do this.”

One would expect the feelings, experiences, and reasonable observations of a woman who had survived the ordeal of having her most formative years marked by sexual abuse to be taken into account. But this is not how the YMCA responded, according to Kaeley. “My boss looked at me and told me, ‘You know Kaeley, any time I find myself feeling the way that you’re feeling right now, I convince myself that I am being closed-minded,’” she told The New American.

Ignoring her warnings, Kaeley recounted, the YMCA decided to instate the policy — without informing members of the change. “That’s when I really began to struggle,” she said, “because I realized that I have friends and family who use those locker rooms and showers and they could end up being confined with a naked male. So I ended up writing a blog post about the transgeneder bathroom issue and I got it published in The Federalist.” The blog post — which has seen nearly viral distribution — was not about the policy at the YMCA. It was about Kaeley’s own traumatic experiences as a child. But it did address the transgender bathroom issue. “I didn’t use the YMCA’s name, but I was fired a week later for inappropriate communication with members,” she told The New American. While no one at the YMCA mentioned the blog post directly, Kaeley said, the timing of her termination made the point clear.

What she did not realize at first was that she was caught up in a larger battle. The Human Rights Commission was planning to push through a rule that would essentially open all “public accommodations” across the state on the basis of gender identity. It didn’t take her long to put the pieces together once the new rule was announced. She told The New American:

I realized the reason the YMCA was doing this was because they had been clued into the fact that the Human Rights Commission here in Washington — which is a group of five unelected bureaucrats — was going to instate this state-wide mandate — basically a rule functioning as law for the entire state of Washington — and they did this on December 26, 2015 — they quietly enacted a new rule that would require all places with public accommodations in the entire state to open their bathrooms and locker rooms on the basis of gender identity. They didn’t tell anyone about this [ahead of time]. Five people decided for seven million.

With the implementation of the new “rule functioning as law” — formally known as Washington Administrative Code 16232 — Kaeley saw things quickly go from bad to worse. “It’s so bad here in Washington that it’s actually forbidden to ask any unwelcome questions about gender identity,” she said, adding, “So you can’t even ask for clarity or clarification. So any man who wants to walk into any bathroom anywhere doesn’t have to dress like a woman. He can say he has a right to be there. And you can’t ask him anything to clarify.”

While reeling from being fired, Kaeley did what she’s been doing all her life: She survived and decided to fight. She is now communications director for Just Want Privacy, an organization formed to combat the transgender bathroom issue in Washington. Just Want Privacy tried to fight the Human Rights Commission’s open bathroom policy legislatively, but in the short session, there was not enough time to gain the necessary traction. So, the initiative was launched to give people the chance to vote on this issue, rather than have it dictated to them by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. The campaign has been gathering signatures since late April and has about 150,000 of the needed 246,000 signatures to bring the issue to a vote. However, the deadline of July 8 is coming up quickly, so the campaigners have their work cut out for them. They have petitions available for pickup all across the state and are hopeful they will meet the goal.

They are fighting as if their lives depend on it because the stakes in this battle are high. Kaeley, who, recall, says her former employer considered her “closed-minded” for feeling the way any survivor of sex abuse would feel, also says the parallel between the messages of the transgender lobby and her former abuser is unsettling:

My abuser used to cry literal tears and say, “You don’t love me anymore” if I didn’t fill-in-the-blank — if I didn’t meet his demands. And this feels like the exact same message to me when they say, “If you don’t violate your personal boundaries and let me shower next to you at the gym, then you’re hateful — you’re not loving.” And that is abusive. That is the definition of a rape-culture. Why have people so readily accepted this narrative? It’s just nonsense. How can [feminists] say ‘My body, my choice’ [a mantra of the abortion lobby] — which I don’t subscribe to — if I can’t even choose who sees my body in the shower? So, basically, I have to get over it. How many women have they told to just get over it?

Because of her experience of having been sexually abused at such a young age, Kaeley says one of her chief goals in life is to protect her young daughter from ever experiencing anything like that. “It is incredibly important to me that my own five-year-old-daughter has a choice about when she sees a naked man,” she said, and then — skipping a beat — added, “I didn’t have a choice.”

But the Human Rights Commission — a misnomer if ever there was one — and the rest of the transgender lobby would take that choice away from Kaeley’s daughter. There is no doubt that policies such as this do indeed create, as Kaeley so aptly put it, a “rape-culture.” In the name of “equality,” women and children are being victimized.

And how many more victims will there have to be before enough is enough? The safety and peace of mind of women and children — especially those who daily live with the scars of sexual abuse — have to matter more than this ungodly agenda. More than the feelings of the poor souls who suffer from a mental disorder which causes them to be confused about their external plumbing. The one group is being used as an excuse to strip the rights away from the other group, all for the benefit of what Kaeley describes as “social engineering.”

It’s time to bring this madness to an end. And the Kaeley Triller Havers of the world are working diligently to do just that.

If you live in Washington and woiuld like to get a paper petition to sign, please visit Just Want Privacy’s website for information.

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(Door Arjan Gelder) AMSTERDAM-NOIR-Dat onze rechtstaat onder druk staat is deze week weer duidelijk geworden. Met de nodige getuigenisverklaringen die anders doen denken heeft het Openbaar Ministerie toch besloten Joris Demming niet te doen vervolgen. Er is in deze sprake van een bepaalde klassen justitie. Met een eenvoudige burger was het anders afgelopen. Ook de herdenking […]

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