Ethiopian Refuseniks [FULL]

Gepubliceerd op 8 dec. 2016

a complete 12-part series with Ethiopian Jewish-Israelis who are currently refusing to do reserve duty in the Israeli army and claiming that there is institutional racism against their community • with Avishai Malson Tzaghon & Jajaw Bimro

1 video with all 12 parts
playlist with all 12 parts

individual videos for each part:
(1) Saying no to the Israeli army
(2) How the protest began
(3) Breaking with Israeli consensus
(4) Recognizing racism
(5) No more naiveté
(6) On police harassment
(7) List of demands
(8) On social integration
(9) Solidarity not charity
(10) On African refugees
(11) Lessons from Palestinians
(12) On charges of leftism


Jordan UNDERCOVER: Racism Alive & Well In North Dakota

Published on 4 Dec 2016

Energy Transfer Partners: (214) 981-0700
U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers: (202) 761-0010; (202) 761-0014
Department of Justice: (202)-353-1555; (202)-514-2000
White House: (202)-456-1414; (202)-456-1111


#NoDAPL Playlist:…

TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton went “undercover” in Bismarck, North Dakota to get pro-Dakota Access Pipeline citizens comfortable to say what they really think.

What ensued was a mix of shock, horror, and comedy.