Security Threats & Public Perception: Digital Russia & the Ukraine Crisis, Lisa Gaufman

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Full interview with Dr. Elizaveta Gaufman on her book “Security Threats and Public Perception: Digital Russia and the Ukraine Crisis”, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, 10 January 2017. Dr. Gaufman is Lecturer, Chair of International Relations, Institute for Political Science, University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

– Fascination with “enemy images”: why do they emerge and how social networks exacerbate the level of hate speech in society, how mundane issues can spin out of control and lead to violence
– 2011-13 Russian riots (Протестное движение в России (2011—2013))
9:04 Tweets matching fascism, #fascism, #Фашизм, Фашизм during Euromaidan and Maidan revolution, and during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in May 2014
15:24 March of Euro integrators in Kyiv, 1944
16:40 Statute from Stalingrad (Volgograd) cuts off head of Statue of Liberty
20:30 Trolling and cyberwar Russia has engaged in with the rest of the world, Kremlin trolling (Кремление бот), Russian troll factories with employees who work in shifts that target comments in the New York Times, Bellingcat
21:35 Shooting down of Malaysian Flight MH17 over Donbas
21:51 Troll accounts don’t have many friends, followers, are usually empty, comments are in broken English, accounts disguised as non-Russian, i.e. an obscure account from South America
22:50 Latvian study analysed IP addresses, estimated that 3% of all comments on Latvian media were generated by Russian troll which reiterated standpoint announced on Russian Today (RT)
24:40 US Intelligent hacking report on the 2016 Election did not provide solid data
25:44 Russian government extremely worried of online narrative
26:20 Narrative “Crimea is Russian”. Overwhelming support for annexation of Crimea but there is an ambiguous view of the Ukrainian crisis in general. Russian’s don’t blindly accept the government narrative televised on Channel 1, but they do accept some of it
28:35 When “Ukraine” was mentioned online, the comments skyrocketed, trolls seeded comments to stimulate and provoke online user generated content
31:58 Trying to see how the discourse was accepted on the audience level, e.g. Do people reaffirm what they view on Russian TV or do they question the content? Does the propaganda work?
32:40 Important theme of World War Two, Great Patriotic War, Stepan Bandera: Collective memory is not a personal memory but a post-memory (as many of the surviving veterans have died)
35:18 Committee of Mothers of Russian soldiers, death of soldiers hushed up
36:00 Shameful events in Great Patriotic War are not discussed, e.g. mass rape of civilians
37:54 Certain agencies in Russian government monitor post-Soviet states, Orange Revolution “Orange plague”
39:15 Euromaidan seen as US interference in Ukraine to topple the Russian friendly Yanukovych government, Battle of Debaltseve (Бої за Дебальцеве)
40:45 Arab Spring
42:06 Analysis of Russian public polls
43:08 Topic of sexuality important in Ukraine, Ukraine was emasculated/feminized played on stereotypes “Russia is the older brother rescuing the Ukrainian younger sister”, Gayrope (Gay Europe) (Гейропа), Domostroy (Домострой)
52:44 Issues with Russian public opinion polls
53:22 Many initiatives in Russia to prosecute people for their online behaviour
57:47 Intensity of anti-Ukrainian statements is currently declining, but there are issues, e.g. intermarriage
58:25 Discursive weapons of mass destruction is very toxic
59:22 Many Russians are happy that Crimea is Russian again. Desperate need for Russians to feel they belong to a great nation
1:00:20 If Crimea was part of Ukraine it should stay in Ukraine. Not feasible to see that Ukraine will regain Crimea. Russians do not care about honoring the 1994 Budapest Agreement
1:03:39 Post Truth: It is not what the threats are but how they are perceived by the general public. Deconstruct the narrative, dissect it. Scare the public. Securitization of political messages by politicians and creating existential threats
1:07:35 Project with the National University “Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine” (Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого)

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